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What is a bonded warehouse?

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What is a bonded warehouse?
Latest company news about What is a bonded warehouse?

Advantages of Bonded Warehousing:

Deferred Taxation Benefits: When imported goods enter a bonded warehouse, they are temporarily exempt from paying import duties and taxes. Taxes are only paid when the goods are formally imported. This allows for a "bulk import, retail release" strategy, particularly beneficial for high-value goods, easing the pressure of a one-time tax payment and providing additional time for domestic distribution or re-export.

Deferred Licensing Benefits: Typically, imported goods entering a bonded warehouse are not required to submit permits (e.g., Agricultural Products Import Tariff Quota Certificate, Automatic Import License, Gold and Gold Product Import and Export Permit). Relevant permits are only submitted when the goods are imported into the domestic market, saving time for importers to handle permits or exemptions.

Flow Advantage: Goods can freely circulate in a bonded state within customs special supervision areas and bonded logistics centers. This helps companies establish distribution centers for both international and domestic markets.

Profit from Re-Export: Leveraging the advantages of temporarily not paying import taxes and not requiring permits, bonded warehouses can engage in international re-export and transit business. After a short storage period in the bonded warehouse, goods can be exported to nearby countries or regions, generating significant profit from re-export as well as income from storage, transportation, loading, and unloading.

Simple Processing: In customs-bonded areas such as bonded warehouses, only simple processing activities are allowed. With approval from customs, activities like classification, packaging, film wrapping, adding markings, and applying labels can be performed. These value-added services provide robust support for developing consolidated distribution and international transit.

Centralized Customs Clearance: Also known as "split shipment and centralized clearance," this approach allows for the batch-wise and frequent release of goods from the bonded warehouse. After a reasonable period, customs clearance is centralized for goods that have been released, based on shipping frequency and the value of the goods. Centralized customs clearance postpones the clearance process, shortening the clearance time and enhancing the response speed for goods allocation.

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